AR Human Resource


Every day ARCG - Recruitment Division helps clients simultaneously dealing with talent shortages in certain markets, while having to reshape work forces in others. The nature of employment is also changing fast, with technological advances driving evolutions in the way people work. We understand these complexities and are uniquely positioned across our markets to solve them.

  OUR RECRUITMENT BUSINESS MODEL: AR team is focused on the specialist recruitment market. In the vast majority of our businesses, we operate a contingent fee model, with fees paid to us by our clients derived as a proportion of the salary of the candidate placed. In the permanent business, we recognize fees when the candidate starts work. For temporary placements, we earn fees when a candidate is active in an assignment.     WHERE WE DO IT Our organizational structure is simple and is built around an unrivalled footprint in specialist recruitment. Critically, we have market-leading positions in many of the most important markets . All of this means we understand our clients’ challenges locally, with the ability to solve them globally. A BALANCED, DIVERSE OFFERING

What makes ARCG unique in the business of specialist recruitment is the diversity of our business model. The breadth of our expertise by contract type, geography and specialism positions us well to withstand various stages of the macroeconomic cycle and best serve our clients all over Pakistan, regardless of the challenges they face.


The specialist recruitment market is driven primarily by confidence among both businesses to replace people who leave and candidates to move jobs. We call this ‘job churn’. In addition, we identify four further factors currently driving fee growth: the emergence of structural growth markets; the macroeconomic cycle; skills shortages; and the globalisation of the flow of labour.


We aim to build the Pakistan’s pre-eminent specialist recruitment business and to deliver well-diversified and profitable fee growth.

Our four Strategic Pillars underpin everything we do in order to deliver on these long-term aims. Additionally, our areas of Operational Focus describe how we manage the business on a day-to-day basis in response to changes in each market as and when they occur.

In an industry which has clear structural growth opportunities but is also characterized by cyclicality, this twin-track approach is critical to achieving our long-term aims whilst maximizing the short-term performance of the Group.