What We Do

ARCG - IT & HR Consulting provides critical thinking at the critical time.

Clients retain us because we combine unparalleled expertise with innovative thought leadership to address critical challenges, in both event-driven and long-term scenarios.

Our unrivaled team of professionals delivers expertise born from experience. Clients rely on undiluted critical thinking that evolves only from decades of hands-on experience at every level. Whether vertical market or cross-discipline, our solutions are practical, immediate and sustainable.

Because challenges never cease, our engagements often involve the role of a trusted adviser. Numerous client relationships have endured through the turbulence of business and economic cycles. And many of our new engagements come from existing clients — a testament to our ability to consistently deliver results.

IT Management Consultancy
General:  Assists clients to achieve greater efficiency in a business or organization and solve organizational problems in fields such as personnel, information systems, finance, research, and general business strategy.

Tasks Include:

  • Assists and encourages the development of objectives, strategies, and plans aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and the efficient use of an organization’s resources
  • Discusses business and organizational shortcomings with clients
  • Analyses and evaluates current systems and structures
  • Discusses current systems with staff and observes systems at all levels of the organization
  • Directs clients towards more efficient organization and develops solutions to organizational problems
  • Plans the implementation of solutions
  • Educates staff regarding changes and trains them to work with new systems
  • Evaluates the change process and informs clients on progress in addressing project objectives
  • Liaises with the client on an ongoing basis, to maintain and develop the business relationship, ensure satisfaction with services provided and identify opportunities for further consulting work
  • May assist with implementation of action endorsed by the organization’s management, and periodically review the impact of changes arising
Organisation & Methods Analyst Consultancy
General: Studies organizational structures, methods, systems and procedures used in industrial establishments and other organizations.Tasks Include:
  • Undertakes and reviews work studies by analyzing existing or proposed methods and procedures such as administrative and clerical procedures
  • Records and analyses organizations’ flow charts, records, reports, manuals, and job descriptions
  • Prepares and recommends proposals to revise methods and procedures, alter workflows, redefine job functions and resolve problems
  • Assists in implementing approved recommendations, issuing revised instructions or procedure manuals and drafting other documentation
  • Assists and encourages the development of objectives, strategies, and plans aimed at achieving the efficient use of an organization’s resources
  • Reviews operating procedures and advice of any departures from procedures and standards
  • May train staff in new work methods
Policy Analyst Consultancy
General: Analyses and advises on policies guiding the design, implementation, and modification of government and commercial operations and programs.Tasks Include:
  • Reviews existing policies and legislation to identify anomalies and out-of-date provisions
  • Researches social, economic and industrial trends and client expectations of programs and services provided
  • Formulates and analyses policy options, and advises on preferred options
  • Assesses the financial implications and equitable impact of policies
  • Liaises and consults with program administrators and other interested parties to identify policy needs
  • Prepares briefing papers and recommendations for policy changes
  • May prepare and maintain policy and procedures manuals
  • May advise managers or politicians on lobbying activities
IT Quality Assurance Management Consultancy
General: Facilitates a continuous improvement environment in which organizational resources are focused on satisfying internal and external customer requirements.Tasks Include:
  • Plans, coordinates and participates in system reviews and quality audits, assisting staff in identifying potential improvements to systems, processes, and workflows
  • Guides organizations through the deployment of quality systems and certification processes
  • Assists and encourages the development of objectives, strategies, and plans aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and the efficient use of an organization’s resources
  • Assists in the identification of formal standards and regulatory codes appropriate to the organization’s needs
  • Assists with the documentation of processes and operating procedures
  • Liaises with suppliers within manufacturing environments to assist them in supplying goods to particular specifications
  • Liaises with customers to monitor perceptions regarding the organization’s quality and timeliness
  • Assists in the implementation of statistical methodologies and quality tools to monitor and control the quality
  • Provides input into reports on the effectiveness and suitability of the management system
  • Advises on and may deliver training relating to quality programs and objectives

OUR RECRUITMENT BUSINESS: Every day we help clients simultaneously dealing with talent shortages in certain markets while having to reshape workforce in others. The nature of employment is also changing fast, with technological advances driving evolution’s’ in the way people work. We understand these complexities and are uniquely positioned across our markets to solve them.

OUR RECRUITMENT BUSINESS MODEL: We are focused on the specialist recruitment market. In the vast majority of our businesses, we operate a contingent fee model, with fees paid to us by our clients derived as a proportion of the salary of the candidate placed. In the permanent business, we recognize fees when the candidate starts work. For temporary placements, we earn fees when a candidate is active in an assignment.