AR Franchise Solutions

Success comes from passionate people When our extensive skills, experience and passion are combined with your ambition then you have a formula for endless possibilities.      

 Your franchise solutions team:

  The AR Franchising Solutions is able to help potential clients to invest significantly in well-established franchisors to provide predictable continued growth on a large scale, driven by their recurring royalty streams as well as their franchise, regional, and in some cases international sales. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies grow organically. They are assisted by our network of franchise resources, expertise, partners, networks and connections. These resources assist in developing strategic business plans and providing practical advice and direction on how to transition through the various stages of franchising.  

Franchisor Strategy


We aim to collaborate with franchise entrepreneurs whose models can be replicated across Pakistan.

We operate based of a known set of defined VALUES, and we expect to help the companies we work with identify their own values, knowing that INTEGRITY comes from adherence to those values. Furthermore, those values and integrity will provide a significant differentiator that will make us valuable to our investors and our portfolio companies.        

We have FOCUS, knowing exactly who we are and what we are doing. We can often times help our companies ensure they, too, are focused on the vital priorities that will help them reach SUCCESS. Investors will know that their risk profiles are safe with us because we won’t deviate from what we said we would do. By being focused, we are efficient and thorough; we are knowledgeable in our specialty and will become the dominant private equity group in franchising.

We provide feedback to our portfolio companies with the VISION of what they can become. We help them with VISUALIZATION of their goals, of what it takes to execute towards achieving those goals and ensure that their vision and ours are aligned. In short, to get to where you are going, you have to know where that is.


Our EXPERIENCE comes from REFLECTION on the successes and failures we have had in the past. From experience comes knowledge, and from knowledge comes strength. We believe that “You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t do what you don’t know.” We provide the “know” so that our partners can do the “do.”

  •  Integrity is derived from Values                                                           
  •  Success is derived from Focus
  •  Vision is derived from Visualization
  •  Leadership is derived from Inspiration
  • Experience is derived from Reflection

Values, Focus, Visualization, Inspiration and Reflection are the backbone of Peter Thomas’ Be Great book. The core philosophies of Be Great are the core philosophies we subscribe to at Thomas Franchise Solutions.

Working one-on-one with our partners, we will bring our expertise, services, capital and partner relationships to help develop strategic business strategies/plans and provide practical advice and direction on how to transition their businesses through the stages of franchising.


The consulting process consists of consecutive phases:



Analysis is the fundamental basis for franchise solutions. We will identify the issues that are vital for the success and improvement of your business.
Conceptual Design

Business success is based on knowing where, when and what is in demand. We will determine who your customers are, what they need and how you will contact them.


Franchising is a complex system that provides the franchisee with a strong brand, proven products or services, the know-how to provide these and the essential operational infrastructure.

We will support you with our modular solutions, designed specifically for the success of your business:

√ customer-orientated, innovative    products and services √ a strong brand and effective marketing √ suitable business resources
√ operational and legal documentation√ a functional organization structure√ performance reviews√ recruitment and selection services

Pilot Phase

The limited entrepreneurial risk of a franchise is due to a proven business concept. Novelties of any kind have to prove themselves in a test market before they can be rolled out. We will provide you and your staff with hands-on support throughout this activity


The pilot phase identifies final adjustments required for optimization previous to the roll-out. We will redesign particular elements of your franchise to ensure a successful market launch.


We will assist you to establish the proven products, services and measures throughout the system. We will support you setting up the underlying organizational structure. This includes personal briefings and initial and ongoing training.

Our Expertise